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Edmonton Walk-in Centre


The Edmonton GP-led Walk-in Service is located on Smythe Close in Edmonton Green, just off the main road and opposite to the Asda supermarket.

Nearby pay parking is available in the multi-storey and Asda car parks and the GP-led Walk-in Service is served by the following bus and train services:


102, 144, 149,191, 259, 616  and W6 terminating 100 metres from the GP-led Walk-in Service.192, 279, 349, 491, N279 and W8 passing within 100 metres from the GP-led Walk-in Service


Edmonton Green Railway station is 100 metres from the GP-led Walk-in Service and this line runs from Liverpool Street to Cheshunt, Herts.


1st October - 1st December 2012
Monday to Sunday 8.00am - 8.00pm
You can walk into the Edmonton GP-led Walk-in Service between the hours of 8am and 8pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to see a GP or nurse. 

After 1st December
Please note: As of 1st December 2012, the Walk-in Service will only be open on Weekends and Bank Holidays 8.00am till 8.00pm and will not be open on week days.


If you have a medical problem that cannot wait until the morning, please ring:
0845 389 0945


Edmonton GP-led Walk-in Service
1 Smythe Close
N9 0TW
Telephone: 0208 887 8355

To visit NHS Enfield's website please click here

Anbody can use the GP-led Walk-in Service for the treatment of the following illnesses and injuries. You do not need an appointment:

•  Minor head injury - with no loss of consciousness
•  Muscle, bone and joint injuries - sprains, strains and soft tissue injuries (except suspected fractures for which you should go to A&E)
•  Urgent initial treatment where indicated
•  Stomach ache, sickness, vomiting and diarrhoea
•  Cough, colds and lu like symptoms
•  Wounds – supericial cuts/lacerations, bruises, bites and minor burns
•  Skin complaints including rashes and minor allergic reactions
•  High temperature and minor infections such as sore throats, ear aches and urinary infections.

The GP-led Walk-in Service will also offer lifestyle/health promotion advice and health screening when required.

Location Map 
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